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Our Mission

The mission of Bais Yaakov Machon Sara Yerushalayim (MSY) is to instill in each student an intrinsic love for הקב”ה and His מצוות, a deep connection to our מסורה, a greater level of חשיבות התורה, and an understanding that she will make a unique contribution to כלל ישראל.

The wholesome experience at MSY will offer a creative, intellectually stimulating curriculum of advanced תורה learning. The school will be a vibrant home away from home where students will enjoy spending their time, as they immerse in the joy of authentic learning, self-discovery, and rewarding community חסד.

The MSY graduate, grounded in אמונה and בטחון, will be confident to take on her role in the next stage of life, as she radiates שמחת החיים into her home and community. She will emerge from her MSY seminary experience with the heightened אהבת ישראל and love for ארץ ישראל and its rich history.

גדולה הבטחה שהבטיחן הקב"ה לנשים יותר מן האנשים … אמר ליה רב לרבי חייא: נשים במאי זכיין? באקרויי (ללמד מקרא) בנייהו לבי כנישתא (לבית כנסת)... ונטרין לגבריהו (ממתינות לבעליהן) עד דאתו מבני רבנן (מבית מדרש)

(ברכות י"ז)

Learn only תורה subjects! Realize the value of תורה learning, for it’s only תורה that can truly nourish our נשמה.

אם בישראל' ,שרה שנירר ע"ה'

School Leadership

Seminary Menaheles

Mrs. Bracha Rosenblum

Seminary Dean

Mrs. Estee Friedman-Stefansky

Our Guiding Principles

the msy student

The MSY student upholds the Bais Yaakov standards expected of בנות ישראל in all circumstances and environments. She is looking to strengthen her relationship with הקב”ה, and seeks to be inspired; her learning, mentorships, and friendships will elevate her, fortify her, and empower her to navigate the challenges of today’s world.



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