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School Leadership

Seminary Menaheles

Mrs. Bracha Rosenblum

Mrs. Bracha Rosenblum, who comes from a family of renowned מחנכים, has been living in ארץ ישראל for over two decades. She taught numerous subjects in high schools and post-high school seminaries in NY and in ירושלים, and has lectured in different communities. She holds a degree in Psychology and Counseling.

As a veteran seminary principal, Mrs. Rosenblum’s expertise was both in creating a learning curriculum that challenged and inspired her תלמידות, and in guiding each one of them to aspire to build beautiful homes of תורה in כלל ישראל. Her brilliant pedagogy is complemented by her approachable warmth — reflected in the hundreds of students who maintain a קשר with her and seek her mentorship years after they have graduated. Her intelligence, clarity of vision, and keen human understanding are a gift to the תלמידות of Machon Sara Yerushalayim whom she will inspire, lead and elevate.

A renowned and talented educator, Mrs. Rosenblum will be teaching various subjects in the core learning program. At Machon Sara Yerushalayim, Mrs. Rosenblum serves as the Seminary Menaheles building the seminary’s programs, curricula, and culture. She is dedicated to leaving each student with a clear direction as she embarks on her journey in life.


Seminary Dean

Mrs. Estee Friedman-Stefansky

Mrs. Friedman-Stefansky, Principal at Manhattan High School for Girls, is a Bais Yaakov graduate who holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from Lander College for Women and Brooklyn College. Her role as principal of Manhattan High School has propelled her to pursue a doctorate in Educational Leadership at Fordham University where her research explores the cultivation of self-motivation and leadership in young adults. She is a role model for frum girls and her position in leadership as a coach and mentor demonstrates to the students how to channel their intellect to enhance their Yiddishkeit and discover their unique contributions to our כלל. She possesses a unique blend of warmth and professionalism.

Mrs. Friedman-Stefansky is the recipient of the NYSEC Program of Excellence Award in 2008, and was a Covenant Foundation Award nominee in 2014. In addition to over two decades of teaching, leading and guiding, Mrs. Friedman-Stefansky delivers תורה classes on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. At Machon Sara Yerushalayim, Mrs. Friedman-Stefansky serves as Dean, ensuring the implementation of the school’s educational mission. She will also be teaching a core course addressing fundamental השקפות pertinent to the future עקרת הבית.


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Vaad Harabonim

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