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Life at MSY

MSY is committed to building a warm home away from home. Our beautiful, modern building, located in the heart of ירושלים, is spacious, comfortable, and inviting. It includes living areas, student lounges, classrooms, a library, and a computer room.

Three nutritious meals will be served daily, including snacks and drinks throughout the day.

The שבת Experience

The MSY dormitory is always open for the girls — it is their home for the duration of the year, including שבת.

Once a month the girls will enjoy a beautiful, uplifting Shabbaton together with their staff either in another city or home ירושלים. Every other שבת, the girls can spend with family and friends in different (approved) locations and communities around the country to get a glimpse into life in ארץ ישראל.

The girls also have the option of staying ‘home’ in their dorm, as every שבת will be a mini-shabbaton, with a program and three סעודות provided. We do not want our students to be burdened with finding themselves a place to be for שבת.

Dormitory Staff

Our אם בית will be available to the girls at all times to address their needs and nurture them with warmth and wisdom. She will provide them with utmost attention, practical care, genuine concern, and a sense of security.

Our team of wonderful מדריכות will join the girls for the year and add guidance, counsel, fun, and a ‘Big-Sister’ spirit to the dorm environment.

Safety & Security

Student safety is our highest priority. The school will have private security and students will only access the building from one entrance. Students will have a 10:30 pm curfew, and boundaries will be set on where they can and cannot go to keep them safe and always present in a proper environment. Permission will be essential from the School Principal for travels outside the boundaries. Detailed guidelines will be shared with students before they arrive at MSY.

All school programs and טיולים will be planned with security policies established by Israel’s Ministry of Education.