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The Learning Experience

The Machon Sara Yerushalayim Guiding Principles of Teaching and Learning

גל עיני ואביטה
נפלאות מתורתך

(תהילים קיט:יח)

Machon Sara Yerushalayim offers an expansive curriculum with a sophisticated level of learning combining fundamental core classes with a personalized, elective class system empowering each student to design her own learning program based on subjects and themes with which she connects.

Learning at MSY will include:

  • A dynamic class environment that combines lecture, חברותא-style learning, and dialogue to facilitate an open exchange of thoughts, questions, insights, and self-reflection.
  • Courses that emphasize textual proficiency and intertextual connection, so that the students gain the skills necessary to research independently, and impart thought-provoking השקפה lessons that apply to life.
  • Teachers who create a culture that awakens the heart to greater levels of growth in רוחניות.
  • Students who emerge with a deeper understanding and appreciation of תורה ,הלכה and Yiddishkeit; they will become perennial learners of תורה and reach for ספרים and שיעורים routinely in their lives.
  • Faculty and students who share the understanding that every member of the Bais Yaakov Machon Sara community is essential and valuable to the success and spirit of the seminary experience.

Distinctive Programs

נשמת אדם

Workshop-style learning several times a week will invite students to enjoy dynamic discussions and an open exchange of conversation based on a rich תורת חיים curriculum. The learning will focus on self-awareness, priority discernment, and relationship-readiness, led by experienced, warm, and motivating מחנכות who are eager to prepare our students for success in their next stage of life. ...

The students will gain the character strength needed to uphold our precious רוחניות values as they confront the challenges that exist in the workplace and deal with the realities of our technological world. They'll learn to become more attuned to the sensitivities of others, how to listen and communicate more effectively, and to trust their own voice. They will gain a solid sense of self, and appreciate the individual and exceptional כוחות הנפש that they were gifted with.

"לא יוכל לדעת ה' אם לא ידע נפשו, ונשמתו, וגופו. כי כל מי שלא ידע מהות נפשו, חכמת מה לו''
(אבן עזרא שמות לא:יח)
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Conversation, Croissants and Coffee

A vibrant מחנכת program will encourage the girls to discover true mentorship and guidance. In addition to personal meetings with מחנכות, the girls will go to their homes weekly, in small groups, to allow for purposeful discussions and a close teacher-student קשר. ...

These relationships will last a lifetime, and as the girls embark on the next stages in their life, they will have the security in knowing that they can consult their מחנכות and gain הדרכה and support.
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Design Your Own Learning

Every MSY student can select from an array of elective courses with concentrations in diverse areas of learning — תנ”ך, הלכה, מחשבה ,ספרי מוסר, השקפה, הסטוריה and then design her own curriculum, based on the classes, themes and subjects she connects to and is interested in pursuing more knowledge about.

Chabura Learning

In consonance with our goal for students to acquire personal connection to תורה learning and be conditioned to reach for a ספר even as their lives become busy with the routine of home and work demands, students will facilitate their own weekly learning groups by selecting ספרים of their choice to learn in small groups. ...

Aside from the actual skills and content that they’ll be gaining from, the girls will further the interpersonal bonding that comes along with the shared joy in learning together, the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and conversations rich in תורה.
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Teaching Certification

For the aspiring teacher, we offer an optional Teacher Training Program, complete with classroom observation in local elementary schools, courses on classroom pedagogue and teaching methodology, and culminating in the students’ delivery of model lessons.

The קירוב Training Institute

MSY will offer a weekly Kiruv Training Seminar for students to be better equipped in their involvement in קירוב רחוקים and קירוב קרובים in whatever capacity they may encounter. Led by renowned תלמידי חכמים, this learning will also strengthen their own pride in תורה as they see that the תורה provides answers to all of our questions.

מדור לדור

In our ‘Partners in Torah’ program, MSY students will enjoy the weekly opportunity to learn with the elderly in the community, tutor and mentor young Olim, or teach תורה to Russian immigrant children. ...

They will experience the joy of sharing תורה, and also be guided in how to offer effective support and coaching. Students will open their hearts to a whole new level of giving.

"חסד ואמת אל יעזבך….כתבם על לוח לבך''
(משלי ג:ג)
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ואני תפילה

The MSY program that places emphasis on creating a lifelong relationship with תפילה, is a moving and powerful curriculum focusing on the meaning and depth of חז”ל’s eternal words and its universal connection to every facet of our lives. ...

Our תפילה curriculum will infuse our students with a deep understanding that they are intrinsically connected to הקב”ה and that every one of their experiences, both seemingly simple or seemingly complex, can be shared with הקב”ה in an ongoing conversation. Moving שיעורים, visits to קברי צדיקים, the fusion of music and song with תפילה, will serve to enhance the students’ appreciation of the gift of davening.

“קחו עמכם דברים ושובו אל ה'... ונשלמה פרים שפתינו"
(הושע יד: ב,ג)
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The ליל חמישי Kumzits

Our special ערב שבת kumzits program every Thursday night will be led by an acclaimed singer and songwriter of note. The program will combine דברי תורה, inspirational stories, personal thoughts shared by our students, and of course, music, singing and dancing, as the week winds down and Shabbos is ushered in with an uplifting surge of רוחניות.

חלונות ירושלים

Our הסטוריה course extends way beyond the classroom walls — students of MSY will get to know ירושלים intimately as they tour the ancient streets and neighborhoods of our most special city. ...

During our weekly guided tours, they will discover the mystical beauty of ארץ ישראל and see the lessons learned from תנ”ך come alive.

The girls will visit historical and landmark sites, קברי צדיקים, fascinating locations in the Old City, shuls, and museums. They will enjoy hearing stories of bygone days and they’ll be introduced to inspiring personalities in ירושלים.
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טיולים and ימי עיון

The girls will travel and tour the breadth and width of ארץ ישראל. They’ll gain a deep אהבת הארץ as they learn about and then see the beautiful, ancient sites of our Land. A schedule of ימי עיון exploring relevant contemporary issues and themes will inspire and elevate our students. ...

The staff and student panels, guest speakers, round-table discussions, stimulating activities, and creative programs will serve to give the girls insight and clarity into the topic presented.
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ראש חודש at MSY

Every ראש חודש in MSY celebrates the beauty, significance and כח of the month. One of the highlights of our creative ראש חודש programs is to host chashuva Rebbitzens whose lives embody מסירות נפש for תורה and Yiddishkeit. They will share their life experience with the girls and give words of חיזוק and דברי ברכה.

Ask the Rabbonim Symposium

The girls at MSY are privileged to have a staff of esteemed רבנים who are תלמידי חכמים מגידי שיעור, and ראש כוללים. In addition to the beautiful שיעורים that they will impart to the girls, the רבנים will participate in routine ‘Ask the Rav’ symposiums. ...

The girls will be awed by the vast wealth of תורה knowledge and wisdom the רבנים possess, and the clarity of השקפה and הדרכה that תורה answers provide.

A fundamental aim for our תלמידות at MSY is that as the girls prepare to build their own homes אי”ה, they’ll commit to placing תורה in the center of their lives.
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The Eastern Europe Trip

MSY will organize an optional, informative — and transformative— trip to Eastern Europe in conjunction with the girls’ Jewish history course on pre-war and post-war Jewry. Led by esteemed רבנים and staff members, the tour is impactful, and essential to our connection to the past.